Ivey Technologies Stage 1.5 Transmission upgrade


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The Stage 1.5 is our most popular upgrade for the GTR. It is capable of handling 1050 wheel HP+ and over 900 FTLB of wheel torque on our dynojet dyno. It has been used to go as quickly as 8.49 in the 1/4 mile, and over 169 mph.

Some that have used the Stage 1.5:

  • Mike@AWDmotorsports, Alpha 9, and Alpha 10 record holder, 8.61@166
  • David Buschur of Buschur racing 8.75@157,  record quickest on OEM Style turbos
  • Chris L of Boostlogic, 8.9@160 on Bl1100 kit
  • Sean Ivey, Ivey technologies, 8.49@169 A12 kit and stage 1.5 trans
  • Prasad Ankem, Stock turbo record holder 9.5@140MPH


What’s included:

  • Dodson 1st gear set
  • Dodson/Exedy 8 disc clutch
  • Dodson Forged A basket
  • Dodson Forged B basket
  • Dodson Piston shaft seals
  • IveyTrans FWD ( ETS ) Billet ball retainer
  • Dodson FWD Gear Lock
  • Dodson Mechanical lock #1
  • Dodson Mechanical lock #2
  • Dodson O-ring and seal upgrade kit
  • Dodson Oil pump shaft upgrade with blueprint
  • Dodson Output shaft end float shim
  • Dodson 2,4,6 Thrust bearing circlip
  • Dodson 1,3,5 Thrust bearing circlip
  • Dodson Selector Piston Shims x 4
  • 6 neodymium magnets
  • Dodson High temp rear differential oil seal
  • Dodson Stainless re-usable internal filter
  • OEM Fwd output seal
  • OEM Rear Differential Axle Seals
  • Oem Nissan transmission and rear differential drain plug gasket
  • Oem Nissan transmission and Rear differential fill plug gasket

It is still the OEM 2-6 Gears so we do not recommend this trans for over 900 wheel HP, it will hold mostly on short pulls but longer, and repeated pulls will result in broken gears.


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