Ivey Technologies Stage 0 Transmission upgrade


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The “stage zero” is the entry level upgrade of the R35 transmission that addresses certain weaknesses which have been documented over the years.

It is taken apart, cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt with Quality Dodson locks, seals and additional components. The clutch is upgraded to the Superstock 7 plate unit which holds over 700 ftlb torque at the wheels. (600ftlb without the clutch and Minus $1300)

This is the perfect transmission upgrade for road racers, who need the added reliability, but have no need for the 1st gear upgrade used in our drag launch oriented gearbox builds.

The Dodson FWD Gearlock addresses the issues with losing the fwd retaining clip during repeated downshifts on the road course.

Here is some of what is included:

Dodson FWD retainer
Dodson Mechanical lock1
Dodson Mechanical lock2
O ring and seal upgrade kit
Oil pump shaft and oil pump blueprint
6 magnet Kit
Stainless reusable oil filter
Dodson superstock 7 plate clutches
Valvebody Selector Shims X 3


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