Ivey Technologies Stage 4.5 Upgrade Transmission

This is currently one of our most popular upgraded units and is used on many of the mid to low 8 sec cars we build. It uses the proven 11 or 12 Plate Dodson Promax Clutch setup with our custom tweaks. The PPG or Dodson Extreme 1-6 Gearset is used in this package and power handling […]

Ivey Technologies, Stage 1 Transmission upgrade

This is the first level Drag transmission upgrade for the Drag / Street enthusiast. It addresses most of the shortcomings of the Gr6 in terms of its reliability, and adds the PPG 1st Gear upgrade. The PPG 1st gear is needed as repeated launches on the OEM 1st gear will eventually result in breakage and […]

Ivey Technologies Stage 0 Transmission upgrade

The “stage zero” is the entry level upgrade of the R35 transmission that addresses certain weaknesses which have been documented over the years. It is taken apart, cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt with Quality Dodson locks, seals and additional components. The clutch is upgraded to the Superstock 7 plate unit which holds over 700 ftlb torque at the […]